Helpful Links


Code of Ethics
National Afterschool Association (14 August 2014). The National Afterschool Association developed this set of standards detailing acceptable behavior for after school professionals.

Core Competencies For Afterschool Educators
C.S. Mott Foundation (2007). The C.S. Mott Foundation funded the creation of this guide that describes the knowledge bases after school educators should have, and how to create learning systems to develop them.

Developmental Relationships
Search Institute (n.d).  The Search Institute is researching the core relationships that help students to grow and learn, in order to increase understanding of the importance of those relationships and to strengthen them.

Key Principles of Positive Youth Development (n.d.) Youth organizations can make Positive Youth Development a focus by incorporating this list of key principles on the subject.

The Power of Assets
Search Institute (n.d.) The Search Institute created a framework for supporting youth success known as the 40 assets. These assets are strengths that contribute to student success. They developed into an international educational ideology.

Ready by 21
Forum for Youth Investment (n.d.) The Forum for Youth Investment compiled a list of techniques for preparing children for college, work and life. They provide resources on the implementation of these techniques.


Asia Society
This organization seeks to increase educational experiences throughout the world, with a focus on improving relationships between the U.S. and Asia. They strengthen out-of-school time programs as part of their mission.

CT Afterschool Network
A network of after school professionals providing multiple forms of assistance to programs within Connecticut, including training opportunities and advisement on funding opportunities.

Foundations, Inc.
A non profit with a wide range of services, Foundations helps all categories of educational communities to grow through professional development and other resources.

Global Family Research Project
Originally known as the Harvard Family Research Project, this company strives to create a discourse on subjects integral to youth development across a wide range of learning environments.

National Youth Leadership Council
This organization focuses on service learning to develop young leaders, supports educators, and advances the field. They are helping youth change the world.

National Out of School Institute
This organization seeks to increase the availability and improve the quality of out-of-school-time programs across the country. They conduct research through filed studies and advise programs to tailor their best practices based on their unique needs.

Youth Catalytics
Originally known as the New England Network for Child, Youth and Family Services, this is a research and training company that helps programs grow through innovation and collaboration.